Cashmere Care

In general cashmere isn’t difficult to look after, but with a few basic cashmere care steps you can ensure your cashmere stays in the same condition as when you first bought it.


Try to avoid getting deodorant or perfume on your cashmere items. These can stain and the chemicals within them can cause damage. If you do need to wear deodorant or perfume with your cashmere items ensure you allow it to fully dry before wearing your cashmere.


Cashmere should be washed every 6-7 wears. The first thing to do before washing your cashmere is to check the label. It is generally thought to be better to hand wash cashmere rather than dry clean it. Excess dry cleaning may reduce the life of your cashmere. Some washing machines have a hand-wash setting which may be suitable at the lowest temperature but if you’re worried it is always better to err on the side of caution and hand wash it.

When hand washing use lukewarm water (never hot) and a baby shampoo, or mild wool detergent. Never scrub your cashmere, but gently squeeze the soapy water through the fabric. It is important to never hold your cashmere sweater by the shoulders when wet as this can stretch it.Hand WashOnce cleaned ensure you thoroughly rinse the cashmere from all detergent. Dry it by laying it flat on a pale towel. Never wring your cashmere or use a tumble dryer or any other source of direct heat. Reshape it whilst it dries.


Cashmere is best stored folded flat. It can be sealed in plastic to avoid moths and other bugs which are attracted to it. If this is not possible, ensure it is in a moth-free environment and any crumbs are brushed off before storage as this can also attract bugs. It is important to never hang your cashmere items as this may cause them to stretch.


Pilling refers to the tiny balls that accumulate on cashmere items after a while. It occurs naturally when the microfibres break, normally caused by the material rubbing against things, but also during washing. Excess pilling can be unsightly, and make cashmere items look old and worn. A lint shaver, or good fabric comb will effortlessly remove the unsightly balls and return the cashmere to its former glory.